Kassavamel (400 g)

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Cashew is a 100% natural superfood, made from whole cashew nuts, also called yucca, which is peeled, dried and painted. Cashews are paleo-friendly, vegan and gluten-free and can be used as a good alternative to any other gluten-free flour in your recipes. The cashier compartment gives the bakery an airy curvature.

Nutritional content per 100 g
Energy343.90 kcal
protein3.00 g
carbohydrates82.30 g
Cool0.30 g
Crude fiber1.90 g
potassium0.60 g
sodium0.04 g
calcium0.17 g
Iron206.80 ppm



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As a tuberous root vegetable, cassava is gluten, grain and nut-free, as well as vegan, vegetarian and paleo.



Given that cassava is a starchy tuber, you would expect it to have a high carbohydrate profile. For instance, per 100 grams, cassava has double the calories and carbohydrates as sweet potato.


Good For Your Digestive System

Cassava contains fibers, which are not soluble in water. It helps in the absorption of toxins that enter your intestines. In that way, it improves your digestive health and keeps it chugging along nicely.


Boosts Energy And Improves Brain Function

Since cassava flour is high in carbohydrates, it helps in boosting energy. Not only that your brain will begin to work more efficiently when you add cassava flour to your meals. Every serving contains 80% of carbohydrates, which is more than enough for your daily consumption.


Lowers Blood Pressure

Every cup of cassava flour increases your fiber intake by 4 grams. This significantly contributes towards the ideal fiber intake recommended for women on a regular basis.


Makes Less Prone To Diseases With cassava flour, you can lower the chances of diseases such as osteoporosis. This is because it contains essential minerals such as copper and magnesium that promote a healthy lifestyle. One cup of cassava contains only 206 grams of copper, which covers around 24% of your daily requirement.


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